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If you rewind your mind to just under a year ago, you might remember a very curious pic of One Direction (sans Harry Styles) hanging out in the studio with Fall Out Boy and the 1975’s Matty Healy.

It turns out that wasn’t just a coincidence that they were all in the same place at the same time, and FOB did actually do a bit of songwriting with Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn while they were in London.

Known for their soaring pop punk inspired anthems, it’s no surprise that 1D were keen for a musical hook up and opening up about the experience, Pete Wentz has revealed that he reckons there’s a reason the track they worked on didn’t make the final cut of Four.

Frankly even the idea of FOB and the 1D massive being in the same room together is basically a tumblr punk edit come true, and Pete has nothing but good things to say about the lads.

But if you’re wondering just why you haven’t heard any of the songs they came up with together, Pete reckons it might be because they were just a tiny bit too odd.

“Last time we were in London we wrote with the guys in One Direction,” Pete explained. “It was a great session but I don’t know if Fall Out Boy writes what One Direction wants to sing.

“There’s a certain area of odd that we can stake a place in, but it’s like we have the language of twins. Maybe it’s too odd for One Direction because they didn’t end up using the songs this time.”


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While in Orlando, One Direction took part in a fan Q&A! Find out what questions they answered right here!

You asked: Who are your biggest musical influences for the new album FOUR? #1DOrlandoQandA

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Meghan Trainor has confirmed the dreams of many a Directioner by revealing that yes, she has written a song with Harry Styles.

The “All About That Bass” singer announced that the track is called “Someday Maybe” on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning.

“I wrote a song with Harry. It was unbelievable. He’s a very, very talented songwriter, I was very impressed,” she told host Nick Grimshaw, adding that she did not know if or when it would reach fans’ ears.

In an earlier interview with The Sun, Trainor revealed that the pair wrote the “cute acoustic love thing” on her ukulele.

“I was worried he’d just be a 20-year-old boy so I walked in with a prepared verse and chorus. He gave me very poetic, mature lyrics,” she said. “I was like, ‘Well, damn, Harry, you know what love is.”

One Direction singer Styles has been exercising his songwriting skills recently, having worked with Kodaline on their fourth album and US rockers Good Charlotte.

We hope to hear “Someday Maybe” soon, however it is not yet known whether we will or not.

Source: Independent.co.uk

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The BRITs is back… and it’s sure to be a battle of the musical heavyweights this year!

The BRIT Awards 2015 takes place on Wednesday 25th February at London’s O2 Arena, where today’s biggest stars will be competing to take home one of the prized BRITs gongs.

One Direction have been nominated for two of the biggest categories: British Group and British Group Of The Year.

One Direction unfortunately won’t be attending this year’s Brit Awards, as they will be on their “On The Road Again” tour.

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He was just 16 when he walked away from his education in a bid to find stardom on The X Factor.

Now four years on, Niall Horan admits that he regrets leaving school without any qualifications – insisting the talent show robbed him of the remainder of his childhood.

Opening up in the boy band’s latest book, Who We Are, he explains: ‘My childhood was cut short by The X Factor because One Direction took off and I never really got the chance to finish school or do my exams or anything like that.’

The Irish singer, now 21, adds that he had no clue how his life would change once he left his family home to take part in the competition back in 2010.

He writes: ‘After the first audition, I packed up everything in my life in a bag.

‘I didn’t realise at the time that, when I was stuffing clothes into the little suitcase, that was pretty much me leaving home for good.’

However, Niall – who began performing at venues before he even auditioned for the show – admits he wasn’t exactly a model student.

‘I maybe stole something when I was at school, like stuff off a friend,’ he confessed, ‘I was not a bad boy but I got suspended for two days for general messing about. I talked too much which probably got me in trouble.’

Not that cutting short his education has ruined Niall’s prospects – each member of the band is believed to be worth an estimated £14million.

Since being catapulted to superstardom thanks to the ravenous appetite of the the group’s global fanbase, the blond pop idol has tried to keep his feet on the ground with regular visits to his hometown of Mullingar in County Westmeath.

He returned last year to act as best man at his brother Greg’s wedding, and his proud sibling is adamant that his family’s resident superstar will not be changed by fame and fortune.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Greg said: ‘I think he will cope well whatever happens.

‘Niall doesn’t spend that much money or talk about money, it’s not a big thing in his life.

‘Obviously it’s amazing… but it will not change Niall. I know that much.’

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The boyband releases a sneak peek at ‘Where We Are’ ahead of its release in October…

The recent announcement that One Direction are releasing a concert film—for one weekend only, 11-12 October—already had us totally hyped. Now the X Factor boyband have tantalised us with a glimpse of what’s in store with Where We Are: The Concert Film.

They’ve promised the film will feature footage of an entire concert on the Where We Are tour, including all their biggest hits—and it seems they will deliver, judging from the snippets of Best Song Ever and What Makes You Beautiful that play in the clip.

Plus, it’s clear that even if you’ve seen the band live, this movie will bring you an up-close view you could only get from the front row.

The teaser urges us to ‘see it first on the big screen’, ‘get closer than ever before,’ and ‘be part of the phenomenon’. Oh, we will, 1D. We will.

Check out the Where We Are teaser trailer here:

Source: mtv.co.uk

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“I don’t think any band out there can compete with them at the moment,” says Parker…

The Wanted’s Tom Parker has spoken out the band’s break from music, saying ‘it’s impossible to compete’ with the likes of One Direction.

“For The Wanted to try and compete against one of the biggest bands in the world – One Direction – it’s almost impossible,” Parker told Digital Spy.

“I don’t think any band out there can compete with them at the moment.”

He went on to add he’s looking forward to working on his own music though, saying: “I played guitar when I was younger and that kind of took a back seat when I was in the band.”

“Obviously when you’re in a band like that it’s a product at the end of the day, and you’re a boyband and that’s what you do, even though we’d say, ‘We don’t wanna dance and we don’t wanna do this’.

“Ultimately it probably wasn’t a route I would’ve wanted to go down myself, so it’s nice to come out of it and experiment in the studio and do my own thing for a while, which is cool.”

Parker recently featured on Richard Rawson’s single ‘Fireflies’, which is set for release on July 27.

While One Direction celebrated their 4th anniversary as a band yesterday.

Source: mtv.co.uk

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Since One Direction were first put together during the bootcamp stage of X Factor 2010, their lives have been a whirlwind.

They were catapulted to stardom overnight and had thousands of girls screaming their names and waiting outside their houses.

Although they didn’t win the series, they have gone on to be the most successful X Factor act ever, and future hopefuls will struggle to even be half as successful as One Direction have been.

But now, four years later, One Direction still have a dedicated legion of fans following their every move on Twitter, but it does seem that those who were there during the X Factor times appear to be leaving them for new bands.

The bands which seem to be taking a lot of Directioners away from their initial loves are UK based The Vamps and Aussies 5 Seconds of Summer.

One of the things that seems to be important with fans these days is being recognised by their idols on Twitter or even in person. With a newer band you have more chance of that happening whereas each of the One Direction members has millions of Twitter followers each, so many think that they are being ignored.

Another major thing which has seen many Directioners leave the fandom is the recent drug scandal, where Louis and Zayn were filmed smoking weed in the back of a car.

Many parents have urged their children not to support them because of this, while others who were upset by their actions have vowed never to support them again and some even posted pictures on social media sites of them burning their One Direction tickets, which just months before they were ecstatic to get.

In four years a lot can change, the boys themselves have gone from being immature teenagers to adults and so want their music to move with them. This might alienate some fans who like the traditional boyband pop. Also in that time the fans that supported them on the X Factor have grown up a lot too and with supporting One Direction being seen as uncool, some are quick to distance themselves from the boys.

But despite the huge numbers of fans leaving One Direction for the likes of The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer there are still many fans who are sticking by them, so it looks like they won’t be going anywhere for a while.

Source: metro.co.uk

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The One Direction heartthrob made a wedding video for Tash Gershfield, in which he ‘pleaded’ with her to ‘leave’ her husband-to-be James

Harry Styles made a bride’s wedding day even more special when he filmed a short video for her wedding telling her: “It’s not too late.”

The One Direction star made a surprise video for Tash Gershfield in a short clip shown to her on her big day.

The 20-year-old said: “Tash, you don’t have go through with this. It’s not too late.”

He breaks into a smile then adds: “I’ll be waiting at Orli’s in Borehamwood for the next three hours. If you don’t come I’ll understand… but that’s where I’ll be.”

Tash posted the video on Instagram after her wedding.

She said: “A video from the one and only harry which was played at my wedding!!!!!!! #harrystyles #onedirection #wedding #1D #personalvideo #love.”

Her new husband, James, said: “Thanks @harrystyles for doing this for my wedding. Thankfully @tashgershfieldx stayed to marry me.”

The video sees Harry struggling to keep a straight face while wearing a wide-brimmed brown hat and dark jumper.

It is also thought Tash was given a signed guitar from the boyband after she shared a snap of the gift on her page.

Source: walesonline.co.uk

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The director of the band’s big screen debut confirms filming has already started on film number two.

One Direction have started filming for the follow-up to their big screen cinema hit ‘This Is Us’, reports the Daily Star.

The news was apparently confirmed by the director of 2013 release ‘This I Us’, Morgan Spurlock.

“Yes, there will be a follow-up to This Is Us,” Spurlock told the newspaper. “At this moment Ben Winston is with the band on their world tour filming what happens,” he added.

One Direction’s 3D concert film ‘This Is Us’ was released here in the UK back in August 2013. The big screen hit shows an intimate all-access look at life on the road for Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn.

The follow-up to ‘This Is Us’ is expected to be released later this year.

Source: capitalfm.com